VidHostPro Review: A Comprehensive Video Hosting Platform for Marketers

As video marketing continues to grow in popularity, finding a reliable video hosting platform that provides comprehensive features and robust analytics insights is crucial. In this VidHostPro review, we’ll explore this all-in-one video hosting and management platform developed by internet marketers for businesses looking to excel in digital marketing.


How Does VidHostPro Work?

VidHostPro is a cloud-based platform that provides businesses with an easy and affordable solution for hosting, managing, and sharing video content online. After signing up for an account, users can upload their videos to the platform, customize their video player, and embed their videos on their website or social media channels.

VidHostPro’s user-friendly interface makes it an ideal solution for anyone looking to host and manage video content without any technical headaches. The platform also provides users with shareable links, making it easy to share their videos on any platform or device.

Blazing-Fast Video Hosting & Player

One of the standout features of VidHostPro is its blazing-fast video hosting and player. With quick load times, viewers can start watching videos without any delays, which is crucial for keeping them engaged. The platform also offers autoplay videos in all browsers, making it easy for viewers to watch videos without any interruptions.

Managing videos on VidHostPro is easy and effortless. The platform offers video playlists and A-B repeat functionality, allowing viewers to replay specific parts of the video. VidHostPro also offers a full-featured drag and drop editor, which makes it easy to edit templates and create custom video pages and players.

VidHostPro’s video player customization is unmatched. The platform offers 100% mobile-responsive video pages and players, ensuring that videos look great on any device. VidHostPro also offers a wide range of customization options, including player skins, colors, and controls. This means that users can create a video player that matches their brand and style.

Tailored Features for Marketers

VidHostPro offers tailored features for marketers, including customizable lead forms and promo ads inside videos. This means that businesses can collect leads directly from their videos and promote their products or services to their viewers.

VidHostPro also offers a feature called “Gate Video,” which allows businesses to lock their videos behind a form. This means that viewers need to provide their email address or other information before they can watch the video. This is an effective way to generate leads and build email lists.

Advanced Analytics Insights

VidHostPro provides advanced analytics insights that help track user engagement. This includes data on video views, engagement rates, and drop-off points. Users can also track individual viewer behavior, including how long they watched the video and which parts they skipped or re-watched.

With this data, businesses can make informed decisions on how to improve their video content and increase engagement rates. VidHostPro also provides data on how viewers are accessing the videos, including which devices and browsers they are using.

Affordable & User-Friendly

One of the best things about VidHostPro is its affordability. Unlike some video hosting platforms that charge exorbitant fees, VidHostPro offers competitive pricing plans that start at just $17 per month. This makes it an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to get started with video marketing without breaking the bank.

In addition to its affordability, VidHostPro is also user-friendly. Its straightforward interface makes

it easy for users to navigate the platform and upload their videos. The platform also provides detailed guides and tutorials to help users get started and make the most of its features.

Integration with Popular Platforms

VidHostPro integrates seamlessly with popular platforms, including WordPress, ClickFunnels, and LeadPages. This means that businesses can easily embed their videos on their websites or landing pages, making it easy for their audience to access and engage with their content.

VidHostPro also integrates with popular email marketing platforms, including AWeber, Mailchimp, and ActiveCampaign. This allows businesses to automate their lead generation and email marketing efforts, making it easy to nurture their leads and convert them into customers.

Customer Support & Security

VidHostPro provides excellent customer support to its users. Its support team is available 24/7 via email and live chat, ensuring that users can get the help they need when they need it.

The platform also prioritizes security, using advanced encryption methods to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access. Users can rest assured that their videos and customer information are safe and secure on the platform.

Cons of VidHostPro

While VidHostPro offers many great features and benefits, it does have some limitations. One potential downside is that the platform doesn’t offer a free trial, which can make it difficult for businesses to try out the platform before committing to a subscription.

Additionally, some users have reported occasional glitches or issues with the platform, although the support team is usually quick to resolve these issues.


Overall, VidHostPro is a powerful and comprehensive video hosting platform that provides businesses with everything they need to succeed in digital marketing. With its blazing-fast video hosting and player, tailored features for marketers, advanced analytics insights, and affordable pricing plans, VidHostPro is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re just getting started with video marketing or looking to take your video content to the next level, VidHostPro has everything you need to succeed.VidHostPro Review

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